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Dior creates the first light texture ideal for hot and humid climates, thanks to its exclusive Skin BreatheTM technology*. It combines the power of the legendary Rose de Granville with the lightness of a breeze. Evanescent upon application, La Crème Texture Légère delivers an exceptional dual regenerative and skin-perfecting action combined with 24 hours of hydration. Beneath your fingertips discover the perfection of rose petal-skin: a fine and perfectly mattified texture, firm plumpness, delicate radiance and harmonious contours.

Tested in Asia during the hot and humid season.

*By Dior

Dior Prestige La Crème is refillable: An eco-responsible approach for lasting beauty.


An exceptional performance measured by an independant dermatologist*.

- Wrinkles are reduced -30%
- The skin is firmer +32%
- The skin is more radiant +43%

- The skin's texture is refined +34%
- The complexion is more even +30%
- The skin is mattified +29%

100% of women feel their skin has a rose-petal touch.***

* Clinical measurement on 32 women, after application of La Crème twice a day to the face and neck for 56 consecutive days.
** In-use test on 60 women, results after 1 month of using La Crème Texture Légère.

Key Ingredient


The story of this Rose begins on the cliffs of Granville, not far from the house of Christian Dior in Normandy. Here, Dior researchers discovered a wild rose capable of withstanding the harsh seaside climate while maintaining its exquisite beauty.

Through 7 marriages, a brilliant horticulturist tamed its wild nature and enhanced its regenerative potential. He gave rise to the Rose de Granville, the first rose specifically created for skincare.

Culmination of 15 years of research, Dior Science isolates for the first time ever the secret of its unprecendented life force: a unique combination of 8 molecules. A cutting-edge extraction process called dynamic enfleurage concentrates this molecular power into Dior Prestige skincare.