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The new rich texture brings the current collection a unique formula signature combining modernity and an amazing sensory experience.

It is ideal for fending off skin aggressors caused by cold weather with its Skin Overcoat™ technology.

With its 100% natural, highly penetrating ingredients (mango butter, waxes and oils), its ultra-rich balm texture instantly melts beneath the fingertips to "satisfy" the skin and wrap it in ultimate comfort. The Rose de Granville releases its regenerating and perfecting power on all layers of the skin. Let your fingertips discover the exquisite feeling of rose-petal skin.


I. Exceptional performances felt by women

- The skin is more luminous +48%
- The face features are reshaped +41%
- The skin is firmer +46%

- The skin is more beautiful +45%
- The skin is more velvety +41%

II. Women convinced by this exquisite sensory experience:*

+98%: the cream offers lasting comfort
+95%: the texture melts into the skin
+98%: the texture penetrates easily

94% of women experience the feeling of rose petals by touching their skin

* Tested by 60 women.

Key Ingredient


The story of this Rose begins on the cliffs of Granville, not far from Christian Dior's home in Normandy. In this area, Dior researchers discovered a particularly robust wild rose that can withstand the harsh maritime climate while preserving its amazing beauty.

It took no fewer than seven combinations before a brilliant horticulturist tamed its wild nature and exalted all its regenerative potential. That is how the Rose de Granville was developed, the first rose created specially for skincare.

After 15 years of research, Dior Science has uncovered for the first time the secret of its immense life force: a unique combination of eight molecules. A technologically advanced extraction process, dynamic enfleurage, concentrates this molecular power in the heart of Dior Prestige skincare.