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The 1st repair serum that concentrates the double power of the Rose de Granville from the stem to the flower to both intensely repair and visibly rejuvenate. Created after 20 years of research, the 10,000 micro-pearls rich in revitalizing rose micro-nutrients are now completed by the regenerating power of Rose sap. The next-generation, 92% natural-origin formula of La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum is twice as concentrated, combining the nourishing richness of an oil with the deep penetration of a serum.

From the first application of the serum, the skin appears plumped. With regular use, the skin's transformation can be seen, touched and felt. La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum offers double skin resilience as well as the ability to repair two times faster. After just one month, the skin's fundamental youthful structures appear three years younger. As if replenished from within, the skin seems denser and firmer, and wrinkles appear noticeably reduced. As if lifted, facial contours appear enhanced. The skin looks younger for 100% of women.

Dior Prestige, expert in the art of transcending time since 1999.


The culmination of 20 years of research, Dior science brings together for the first time its dual expertise in micro-nutrition and the fight against inflamm'aging in a single bottle. It is reinventing its iconic skincare product.

The flower’s 22 revitalizing micro-nutrients combined with the regenerating sap from the stem act in synergy to correct visible signs of aging.

From the first application, filled with deep, intense nourishment, the skin is visibly plumped and replenished. In just 1 week, it appears firmer.

After just one bottle, the skin has noticeably recovered its substance. As if repaired from within, wrinkles appear corrected and facial contours visibly enhanced. Dense, sculpted, resilient, a radiant beauty that transcends time.


A transformative texture that is unique to Dior: 10,000 nourishing micro-pearls suspended in an ultra-concentrated essence of regenerating rose sap, providing the skin with the richness of an oil and the deep penetration of a serum.

A formula that is 92% of natural origin for optimal assimilation and deep penetration all the way into the skin.

A formula with 6 registered patents that has involved more than 165 formulation trials and been tested by more than 650 women.

Key Ingredient

Born from a wild rose burgeoning from the side of a cliff and selected from among 40,000, the Rose de Granville is the first rose created for cosmetic skincare at Dior. From the stem to the flower, it possesses a life force that no other rose can match.

The legendary formula with 22 micro-nutrients from the rose flower is now enriched with rose sap, which boasts extraordinary regenerating properties.

As it rises through the center of the stem, the vital sap of the Rose de Granville continuously regenerates the plant, giving it the ability to repair itself day after day when confronted with the effects of time.

A new eco-extraction process created by Dior Floral Science extracts this extraordinary sap from the rose's stem: a next-generation bio-fermentation patented until 2029.

Its concentration and extraordinary molecular spectrum make Rose sap an incredibly potent active ingredient in combating the signs of aging.

In perfect synergy, the 22 micro-nutrients and Rose sap promote repair deep within the skin for noticeable correction of the signs of aging.

Test Result

From the first application, filled with deep, intense nourishment, the skin is visibly plumped and glowing with health.

In just 1 week, it appears firmer, stronger and smoother.

After 1 month:
The appearance of wrinkles is reduced by -28%
The skin is lifted +27%
The skin is firmer +60%
The skin is denser: +56%
The appearance of contours are enhanced +66%
The skin looks younger +68%

100% of women are satisfied
85% of women recommend it

Application Tips

1. Dispense two to three pumps into the palm of your hand. Then, using the pads of the fingers, apply the serum to the entire face from the center outwards.
2. Use gentle pressure to make the serum penetrate deeply.
3. Finally, to enhance contours, hold the chin between the index and middle fingers and move up the jawline.