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For the new limited-edition New Look collection, the houndstooth pattern bestows its timeless couture elegance upon Gris Dior, the iconic fragrance from La Collection Privée Christian Dior. It represents the meeting of two timeless Dior codes of style: the color gray, given olfactory expression in this clean, pure scent, and the famous black-and-white graphic pattern that has continuously graced the Dior collections. Like a couture manifesto, the houndstooth pattern adorns the fragrance bottle and case.

The New Look limited edition is only available in the 40 ml, 125 ml and 250 ml formats of the fragrance.

The olfactory translation of a color dear to Christian Dior, a distinguished fragrance with a now-iconic signature, a creation that wavers between the Dior heritage and contemporary modernity, a remarkable trail. Discover the identity and character of the Gris Dior fragrance in the "Gris Dior" section below.

Perfumer's Word

"What if the Dior gray were a fragrance? This emphatic gray is not merely a mix of black and white, but the result of a chromatic blend. This profusion of colours inspired a composition that melds Jasmine and Bergamot with notes of humid undergrowth. Colour is transformed into an emblematic fragrance. Its lively scent is multifaceted and effortlessly elegant."