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"For the new limited-edition New Look collection, the houndstooth pattern brings its timeless couture elegance to Jasmin des Anges, one of the iconic fragrances from La Collection Privée Christian Dior. Adorned with this contrasting pattern, the fragrance bottle and case become a genuine couture manifesto.

The New Look limited edition is only available in the 40 ml and 125 ml formats of the fragrance.

An olfactory image of a stroll through fields of Jasmine, a fragrant interpretation of the colors of this delicate flower, a complex harmony with floral and fruity notes. Discover the identity and character traits of the Jasmin des Anges fragrance in the ""Jasmin des Anges"" section below."

Perfumer's Word

"I particularly enjoy visiting the Grasse flower fields in early autumn, when they fill the air with their fruity scent. This is when the last jasmine flowers are harvested and they release a delectable perfume similar to a floral liqueur. Composed as a tribute to late summer, Jasmin des Anges is a floral-fruity invitation with aromas of almost-candied apricots.”