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To celebrate spring, Dior is unveiling a limited-edition eyeshadow palette inspired by the Dior Oblique motif of the House: 3 eyeshadows offer a harmony of pink and coral shades that will enhance your eye makeup throughout the season.

Each 3 Couleurs Tri(O)blique eye palette reveals a trio of ultra-pigmented eyeshadows with glittery, metallic and satiny finishes, to combine to beautify the eyelids.

Enhance your eyes with the pink shades of the 833 Mineral Rose eye palette and the coral shades of the 733 Coral Glow eye palette.

This Dior makeup palette includes two double-ended applicators to apply and blend the eyeshadow as desired.


Ultra-pigmented eyeshadows assembled in a couture box to make up the eyelid in a play of layering and pearly, metallic and satiny finishes.


A highly concentrated texture for an intense color impact upon application.


Two limited-edition 3 Couleurs Tri(O)blique palettes:

- 833 Mineral Rose explores the shades of a satiny rosewood, surrounded by an intense metallic pink and an opalescent pink.
- 733 Coral Glow frames the central satiny amber with a metallic peach and a pearly coral, for a luminous trio that designs dazzling eyes.

Application Tips

For a fresh and natural look:

1. Using the round foam tip, apply the upper shade on the entire mobile eyelid to open up the eyes.
2. Then apply, with the liner tip, the central shade along the lash line for definition.
3. Apply, using the brush, the bottom shade beneath the brow arch and in the inner corner of the eye to illuminate the eyes.

For a more sophisticated and bolder look, blend the darkest shade toward the outside of the eyelid.


Two applicators with large foam, liner and brush tips.