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Dior reinvents its emblematic nail lacquer: Dior Vernis becomes the 1st Dior nail lacquer infused with a floral extract with protective nail care action. An ultra-shiny manicure, for a long-wear couture color.

Infused with peony and pistachio extracts, the new Dior Vernis formula enhances the nails with shades harmoniously pigmented and more couture than ever, inspired by the trends and the latest creations from the House of Dior.

Iconic 999 red lacquer, timeless nude lacquer or elegant pink lacquer: each shade of nail lacquer makes the manicure the essential finishing touch to your look.


A formula infused with extracts of peony and pistachio that provides nails with protective care.


A range of shades, more couture than ever, inspired by the latest trends and creations from the House of Dior. Timeless must-haves and limited editions to discover throughout the seasons.

Application Tips

1. Apply a thin coat of Base Coat Abricot.
2. First apply a very thin initial coat of Dior Vernis on the middle of the nail, then on the sides. Then apply a second, more generous coat to add depth to the color.
3. Maximize shine with a coat of Top Coat Abricot or Gel Coat.


A flexible, long, round-tipped brush with a flat cut for usability that enables a flawless application of nail lacquer.