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Sauvage Elixir is an extraordinarily concentrated fragrance steeped in the emblematic freshness of Sauvage with an intoxicating heart of Spices, a "tailor-made" Lavender essence and a blend of rich Woods forming the signature of its powerful, lavish and captivating trail.

Francois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, created the Sauvage Elixir fragrance like a fine liqueur made of exceptional ingredients. This concentration was made possible by the exceptional quality of the raw materials: Sauvage Elixir is a fragrance as unique and rare as a red moon in the night sky.

Sauvage Elixir concentrates all of its power in a midnight blue lacquered glass bottle in a unique 60 ml size. This precious bottle, shaped like a vial, features multiple sophisticated designs: the magical name of the fragrance is inscribed in shiny silver on a label engraved right into the glass. The dome-shaped bottom engraved with the CD logo marks its silhouette.

Perfumer's Word

"I wanted to remain true to the decisive notes of Sauvage, while bringing them to an unprecedented density. To attain this power, I chose to pare its architecture down to the bare essentials. The trail of this elixir is surprisingly deep and dense."

Olfactory Notes

Top notes burst with a lively, persistent Grapefruit note and heady Spices. Some, like the essences of Cinnamon and Nutmeg, play with heat and sensuality, while others are more refreshing, like the zesty and aromatic Cardamom.

François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, chose an essence of Lavender tailor -made for Dior. A blend of several carefully selected harvests, this AOP essence from Nyons reveals unique facets and releases notes that are as close as possible to the wild flower. Fresh but not camphorous, graced with a vanilla-tinged Coumarin note, it is rich, fine and floral.

An Ambery accord, the powerful Sauvage signature, reveals its full range of velvety and sensual nuances. Enveloping, it blankets the base heightened with a sweet, smooth Licorice note. Haitian Vetiver and a Patchouli heart form the link between these rich Woods.


Nocturnal and precious, the bottle is as elegant as its name.

Sauvage Elixir concentrates its extraordinary power in a midnight blue glass bottle in a unique 60 ml size. The bottle bears the marks of sophisticated design: its magical name is inscribed in shiny silver on a label engraved right into the glass, while the dome-shaped bottom plays with light.

Powerful, elegant & mysterious.

Application Tips

1. Cleanse your skin with Sauvage Shower Gel.
2. Soothe razor burn with Sauvage After-shave Lotion.
3. Apply Sauvage Elixir on pulse points.