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Balade Sauvage is the fragrance that immediately calls to mind an escape to a cliff top lined with fig trees. The discovery of a pristine nature.

The trail of the Balade Sauvage fragrance is a mix of raw and natural emotions. A creation with a strong Mediterranean character.

Citrus and woody notes resonate with the tangy vivacity of citrus fruit.

The polychrome palette of a wild landscape, whereby the white rock is illuminated by the golden rays of the sun.

Sensual. As fresh as the branches of a fig tree swaying in the breeze, Balade Sauvage is a generous fragrance with olfactory notes of fresh bergamot and mineral volcanic rock.

Like the heady odors of plants and minerals that punctuate a hike in the great outdoors, the odors of the Balade Sauvage fragrance unveil an invigorating intensity.

Perfumer's Word

"If you are lucky enough to wander the island of Panarea, you can feel all at once the sea breeze, the mineral aspect of the volcanic stone warmed by the sun, and the scent of flowers and fruit. This fragrance draws inspiration from these strong sensations: it represents a moment spent in the shade of a fig tree, whereby the scent of sparkling citrus fruit and a fresh breeze recalling the Mediterranean sun unfurl."