Step into the enchanting world of Dior's LA COLLECTION PRIVÉE fragrances, where luxury and elegance intertwine to create captivating perfumes that evoke a sense of indulgence and sophistication. Our collection offers a diverse range of perfume fragrances to suit different preferences.

For those who enjoy delicate floral notes, our light floral fragrances enchant the senses with their graceful and ethereal essence, evoking the beauty of a blooming garden in full bloom. Meanwhile, our floral fragrances exude timeless elegance and femininity, with a harmonious blend of floral essences that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Embrace the vibrant energy of our fruity floral fragrances, which combine the sweetness of ripe fruits with the freshness of delicate flowers to create fragrances that are both uplifting and invigorating, perfect for adding a touch of joy to your day. Our sensual fragrances envelop the wearer in a veil of seduction, with rich and exotic notes that allure and captivate the senses, leaving an unforgettable trail wherever you go.

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Finally, immerse yourself in the mysterious allure of our oriental perfume fragrances, which are rich and intoxicating, with warm and spicy notes that evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication, transporting you to exotic locales and captivating your imagination. Indulge in the ultimate luxury perfume experience with Dior's LA COLLECTION PRIVÉE which is available in Singapore and beyond.